Moral Panics – New single ‘February’ from EP ‘WLVS’

Moral Panics WLVSAccurately compared in their press release to indie bands such as ‘Foals’, Moral Panics are a four piece who are aiming to replicate the success (artistically and commercially presumably) of ‘bands that have tried something new’.

Their EP ‘WLVS’, which is out now, is a really strong 5 strong collection for a debut. It seems that Moral Panics are a band who’ve already settled on something of a sound – guitar led, layered indie with pace – but have also left space to develop.

The single, ‘February’, is a good example of this approach. Not jangly guitarred or spacey enough to count as ‘shoegaze’, this thrives on the speed and energy of the rhythms while placing a more spacious vocal melody over the top.

Listed for yourself and have your very own Moral Panics:


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