Si Cranstoun – Live in Bristol (Review)

Si CranstounCurrently touring the UK with The Overtones, Si Cranstoun is a vocalist and songwriter who has built a following on the ‘retro’ circuit with his dancehall swing music style. With a profile that always seems to be on the rise, Cranstoun’s last album ‘Dancehalls & Supper Clubs’ was crammed full up top quality original tracks, but he’s using this tour to showcase brand new music from an upcoming album with Warners.

Playing this past Tuesday (March 11th) at Colston Hall in Bristol, Cranstoun’s set buzzed from the off. With a crowd that, arguably, may not have been aware of him beforehand, he immediately grabbed them by the scruff of the neck with nothing behind him but a sheer black curtain. It takes real talent to hold an audience with only a microphone for company, but Cranstoun’s fabulous voice and elastic-limbed dance style – again perfectly suited to the swinging tunes – held all eyes.

It spoke volumes that the queue to buy his album stretched into the hundreds at the end of the show – if every date of this tour is as well performed (and well received) as this, then Si Cranstoun will go into the spring with a brand new following of thousands.

Set List

1. Shout Out
2. Dance Forever More
3. Caught in the Moonlight
4. Twisting the Night Away (Sam Cooke)
5. Reet Petite (Jackie Wilson)
6. Gods of Love
7. Tick Tock


Review courtesy of MyDadRocks


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