Katie Cole – ‘Lay It All Down’ – album out March 3rd

CD600G_outWith a CV that includes an appearance on Glen Campbell’s final album, and enough draw to get Kris Kristofferson to feature on her debut album, Katie Cole is clearly an artist who has the potential to go places.

Out next week, her album (as you might expect given the aforementioned legends of the genre) is a country and roots flecked collection, but with a pop makeover to make them all the more accessible.

Inspired by the likes of KT Tunstall and Sheryl Crow, the first single ‘(We Started a) Fire’ is out now:

Typifying Cole’s sound, it’s an energetic jaunt through the country-pop genre, very well put together and with a simple but effective video.

Other album highlights include ‘Not What You Say’ – a track about seeing through the games of an amorous male – and ‘I Can’t Wait’. The latter, a previously released single, is perhaps the most typical of Katie Cole’s approach, setting the scene with a catchy riff that is then built on. Immediately accessible, his has a countrified Leann Rimes ring to it, one of many tracks on the album that make Katie Cole an artist worth listening to.


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