It’s officially ‘Christmas Time’ for Craig Ogden and his new album

Craig_Ogden1_coverartJPAustralian born classical guitarist Craig Ogden started learning the guitar at the age of 7, the very early start of a musical career which has latterly seen him release two summer albums and now his first seasonal effort with ‘Christmas Time’.

The sixteen tracks – mostly made up of solo guitar and nothing else – will be familiar from years Christmas past. From ‘Deck The Halls With Boughs of Holly’ to The Snowman’s ‘Walking In The Air’, these are songs you’ve heard before but delivered in a new way. With nothing to hold them together but the strings of a guitar, and the occasional orchestral string section, it’s possible to hear them fresh once more in this excellently captured LP.

In addition to the above highlights (the former a finger picked virtuoso performance, the latter a lyrical, flowing piece), top track honours go to ‘Three Kings From Persian Lands Afar’ – which matches the delicate finger picking style of most of these songs with a counterpoint on strings. For fans of general festive-ness, this should be on your list.


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