V-Man to Release Highly Anticipated Single ‘Interplanetary Sagas (Ch. 1)’

The brainchild of two people, equally passionate about each other’s music, ‘Interplanetary Sagas (Ch. 1)’ is the newest single from V-Man and Esa a.k.a Captain Futuro.

After meeting through a website that allows artists to share their own music, V-Man and Esa discovered a mutual love for each other’s work. Even though Esa was based in Italy and V-Man based in the UK, the two managed to collaborate a year later on the album ‘Special Blend’, an album on which they paid homage to Jaylib. Channeling the style of Jaylib, the two producers each composed an instrumental and a rap which were then combined with V-Man rapping over Esa’s instrumental and vice versa to create the single ‘Introducing Funk Frank’.

Having had such a good result from ‘Special Blend’, they both continued working together. Collaborating yet again, though this time it was Esa making a music video for one of V-Man’s artists, Mr Busalot and V-Man producing a track on Captain Futuro’s album.

As 2012 rang in V-Man contacted Esa once more in regards to his newest project ‘Interplanetary Sagas’– an ongoing space adventure story, using narration to bind the instrumental tracks together. After discussing the story, the script, acquiring a narrator for the demos and editing it, ‘Captain Futuro’s Arrival’ is the first chapter of the unfolding story of V-Man and Captain Futuro.

See the video for ‘Captain’s Futuro’s Arrival’ here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cry7rNG55Qo

Listen to it here: http://vmanproducer.bandcamp.com/track/captain-futuros-arrival

See a video from the ‘Special Blend’ album here: http://youtu.be/dO-JCwo_1qg





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