We recently discovered Sterling Witt, a fantastic promising US indie/acoustic artist, who is set to release his latest album  “Sterling Loves U”. We were so excited when we got the chance to interview him about his latest album and his musical influences…

Tell us a little bit about yourself, how long have you been on the music scene?

I released my first solo recording in 2000, a self titled EP.   Shortly after that I moved to Los Angeles where I started performing.  Los Angeles made me tough, I was a kid from the rural countryside of Missouri.  The big city was a foreign place to me. I stuck it out for several years.  I developed the priceless ability to not give a damn what anyone thinks of me. 

I consider myself an experimental artist more than a “Singer Songwriter”.  I paint with sound and words through an organic approach.  All my songs are written alone in a room with an acoustic guitar and a notebook. That’s it, no frills or equipment to speak of. I play live and record live to capture something unique and real. 

Who’s been your biggest musical influence or inspiration?

Those who pursue an unbeaten path hold my attention. Captain Beefheart, Tom Waits, PJ Harvey and Nirvana all possess a timeless quality that is attractive to me.  

Tell us about the new album, what can people expect?

Sterling Loves U is experimental Folk-Punk. The songs are short and sweet, packed to the brim with head scratching ideas about the world we live in. There are a few romantic love songs that provide as icing on the cake. A cake so dense the ingredients most likely can not be identified at first listen. Be careful, you might chip a tooth or get a splinter in your eardrum.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Are there any plans for you to come to the UK? Coming to the UK is on my calendar for 2014.  I’m writing a new album. It’s predictable in one way. I am an experimental artist.



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