New track released ahead of upcoming album from The Outs

So this turned up in our inbox and, WOW. We have to say, we’re mightily impressed from The Outs’ latest offering (and we’re not impressed easily).

This was our first time listening to The Outs, who have acquired a decent following in their home country (Brazil) after appearing on MTV Brazil. There’s a definite vintage tinge to their rocky sound, and so it comes as no surprise that the band cite The Beatles and Led Zeppelin amongst their biggest influences. They’ve been described in a comment on Soundcloud as “a mix between Oasis and The Doors” – we’re inclined to agree with this. We’re huge fans of 60s music, and The Outs have really brought a new freshness to the distinctive sound from the era, making it current and fresh.

We don’t want to say anything else, this music is too good for words! Listen and enjoy ‘Right Or Wrong’ here:

The single will be released on August 18th, and an album release will follow soon after – we can’t wait to hear it boys!


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