REVIEW: Too Many Ts – ‘The TP’ EP – May 13th – Drop Cat Records –

If there’s one thing we love here at Hear Me Raw, it’s a talented act who make the decision to release independent material through their own imprint. With the proliferation of web based outlets now, opportunities are rife to release and promote new releases for independent musicians. What helps, in this case, is that the EP is genuinely brilliant.

Each of the four tracks has its own personality, hip-hop songs with funk, soul, indie and electro-swing backing that are not only excellent executed but really good fun. Opener ‘Boom Bap’ brings the funk, while ‘It Ain’t Right’ is much more reminiscent of The Correspondents (who the pair have played alongside). ‘1992’ meanwhile features an infectious, funky looped guitar line which complements the quick vocal delivery, and closer ‘Hazard’ features some stellar use of interaction between the two rap vocals.

It’s very easy to imagine Too Many Ts going down a storm live – their festival schedule is mouth watering this year – with the natural charisma that comes through in their tracks and videos. With any luck they’ll make their break soon and we’ll be able to watch their rise over the next few years. Either way, grab their debut EP now, and you can say you were there when it all started. You just might be the first amongst your mates to discover this exciting duo – bragging rights are up for grabs.

Words by Ethan Campbell


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